I’m back!

Dear Friends,

I apologise for having been absent for a few months.

Several things happened since last post on my blog:
– I was submerged by spam (but also by many positive feedbacks);
– I moved from blogspot.com to my own www.digitalagreement.eu domain;
– I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and am beginning to be (very cautiously) optimistic about where we are heading to (even if I still believe that there will be a drastic change of economic paradigms, that will cause huge stress and suffering in the more indebted and more rich states, adhering to OECD).

I promise, that I will post regularly now, at least every Monday
before 9.00 am CET (Central European Time).
The next post
“Where are we heading to … ? (Part 2)
No Country for Old men (…is anybody in charge here…?)
will be dedicated to the hidden debt generated by social security expenditure in OECD and its impact on stability and democracy.


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